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Marg Heeney
There is an alternative method to handle on your stress or your pains.

By using this energy healing method you get to the root cause of them and their symptoms. The energy work eliminates the blocks in the body to allow for the natural flow to occur.

Energy Medicine easily helps you remove blocks, therefore the stress and pain are gone by taping into your own intuition, your weaknesses are found and can be removed.

This method puts you in the control of your own body and health. You gain the power over your own health and wellness. It is a quick, simple and available for all to use and learn.

Energy Medicine is not magic nor does it mask the symptoms of your stress or pain. You can live your life without stress or pain whether it is physicial, emotional or mental.

Help strengthen your mind against negative emotions, thoughts, and other outside influences.

Energy Medicine is a powerful non-touch technique blending anatomy, physiology, applied Kinesthetics, structural analysis, energetic technique, and quantum physics. Based originally on methods developed by Dr. Kam Yuen - a 35th generation Shaolin Priest, Kung Fu Master and Western-trained Chiropractor - the method quickly locates and shifts your imbalances / blocks on all levels and dimensions.

When weak energy signals in the body are identified and optimized, you can experience immediate relief from physical pain, emotional issues, unproductive behavior, and more.

This method had been shown to be extremely effective and safe with animals as well as humans.

Chronic and painful conditions that have resisted all other healing modalities respond well to Energy Medicine.

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I was feeling ill with headache, body aches, and intestinal upset. For a week I was unable to eat or drink anything warm because of the intestinal reaction and I was having trouble sleeping. I had no energy and felt "fuzzy" headed. I talked to Marg on the phone. She asked me a few questions and went through a energetic clearing with me. She gave me some ideas of food items that might help me. The first thing that happened was that I felt clarity in my thinking. I was able to sleep 7 hours that night and in the morning I was headache free and my intestinal problem regulated itself. I feel as if Marg helped re-set my whole body and for that I thank her very much!

Susanne, Jackson, MS                     read more testimonials

Marg and I were childhood friends and hadn't seen each other for over 44 years. We got together this May (2011) for a reunion of high school girl friends. I knew nothing of the gift she possesses. One evening Marg asked me if I had any pain in my chest and I told her I have to tell myself to breath every now and then. Marg, in her quiet straightforward way, said It was a betrayal issue and with that I burst into tears (surprising me!) knowing instantly where the emotional pain was coming from. Over the years I thought I had let go of the loss of this friendship but obviously I had not.

It took Marg all of 5 minutes to take me through some exercises and the weight I was carrying was completely gone. I was not aware of the heaviness I was living with until it was lifted from me. I literally felt as if I were walking a foot off the ground. Thank you, Marg

Anthonette, CO                             read more testimonials


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